The Bird Man of Nepal: Vocal Mimicry and Wildlife Conservation

How can vocal mimicry contribute to saving the natural environment?  Gautam Sapkota, Bird Man of Nepal can do over 800 birdsounds, and not only does he conducts meetings where he speaks to directly with crows, and he is also partnering with wildlife conservation groups in nepal, using his amazing ability to mimic birds to teach kids about wildlife conservation. This guy is the real deal!

The implications for this are extra-ordinary!  As humans we continue to distance ourselves from nature, use it for our own selfish purposes, often destroy it, and treat it as inferior, as a result we often find it hard to communicate with it. Heroes like the Bird Man are re-vitalizing the importance of inter-species communication, and the power of vocal mimicry to transform, ourselves, society and our relationships with the natural environment. We must remember we are part of nature, and nature is part of us!

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